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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I drop off my kids whenever I need? What's the catch?

  Absolutely! Our mission is to provide guilt-free childcare for your children in a safe and fun environment. No catch or gimmicks, just an exciting time for your kids and a break for you!

What do I need to do to sign up?

  We make the registration process easy! Navigate to our parent portal 

Are immunization records required?

  We must have current immunization records on file for all children who are not currently enrolled in school. If your child is enrolled in school or a daycare other than Jack and Jill's Daycare, we require that you provide the full information, including name, address, and phone number. 

  Please note that if your child is not enrolled in school, we require immunization records to be up to date and accurate.

If your family has chosen to exempt your child from receiving immunizations, we ask that you provide us with the State Vaccine Exemption Form.

Where will my child be?

  We care for children ranging from 6 weeks old to 12 years old. For the safety of all children in our care, we have separate age-appropriate fun-filled areas, that include: 

  Our infant room:

  In this area, the babies are stimulated based on their developmental stage. Our caregivers meet your child’s needs by following their individualized schedules. 

  The toddler area: 

  This area is full of playhouses, puzzles, and plenty of trains: there is never a dull moment in this room. 

  The main floor: 

  The Playscape in the center of the room serves as anything ranging from a spaceship to a mansion. When your child feels a bit crafty, they can head over to our craft area to create a masterpiece. On any evening, you can find a majority of the kiddos battling it out in a Just Dance competition. 

  At any given moment, there is fun to be had in every area; if it still sounds too good to be true, bring your kids in for a tour!

Can I bring food from home?

  You are more than welcome to pack a snack from home as long as there are no nut products; we are a nut-free facility. All meals brought from home can be refrigerated and heated up upon meal time if needed.

Who can pick up my child?

  Unless an alternate arrangement has been made beforehand, only parents on the account can pick up a child. Your membership ID card or a photo ID is required at the time of check-out. 

  After verification, we can store each parent’s photo in the account so that a photo ID is not required on future visits. 

  If an alternate pick up is needed in an emergency, please notify the center by phone of the change. You will need to verify critical information on your account to authorize pick up from someone other than a parent.

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Do you change diapers?

  Jack and Jill's Daycare pays excellent mind to the different hygiene needs of each child. For this reason, we regularly change diapers throughout the day. 

  We have a diaper change and do potty breaks every hour and a half. 

  Children in diapers -and those who need a little assistance- will be changed and/or taken to the restroom every hour and a half. 

We ask that you provide a diaper bag with diapers and wipes and extra clothes for those kids that are still training. 

If you forget or run out of diapers or wipes, it’s no problem! We have diapers in-house for an additional $1.00 each.

What if my child cries?

  Even if a little upset upon drop off, most children are quickly enamored by all of the activities and fun things to do at Jack and Jill's Daycare. Crying and sad faces are typically gone within minutes. 

If, for some reason, after about ten to fifteen minutes, a child is still uneasy, we will reach out to you by phone; this is not necessarily to ask you to pick up your child but to update you on their mood and ask for any advice in consoling them.

Do kids nap at Jack and Jill's Daycare?

 Since many of our children have different schedules and are typically here for short periods, we do not have a designated nap time. If you let us know that you would like your child to nap, we will certainly do our best. 

  We have plenty of resting mats and soft blankets. 

If your child will be here in the evening and get sleepy, you are welcome to provide pajamas/sleepwear for your child to make the transition easier upon returning home from an exciting night at Jack and Jill's Daycare!

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