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Positive Behavior Support

All children, at times, exhibit challenging behavior such as defiance, aggression, or using words to hurt. This is because they don’t yet have the social, emotional, language, and cognitive skills to behave positively.


At Jack and Jill's Daycare, we treat challenging behaviors as learning opportunities. We give teachers tools and resources for Positive Behavior Support.

  • Jack and Jill's Daycare offers more than 10,000 age-appropriate strategies for teachers to help children develop social, emotional, cognitive, and language skills and behave in positive ways.

  • The Jack and Jill strategies are based on the most current research about children’s social-emotional development.

  • Jack and Jill's Daycare allows teachers to find strategies that target a child’s specific behavioral and developmental need.

  • Jack and Jill's Daycare provides teachers with innovative and novel strategies to encourage positive behaviors during each time of the day.

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