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We only hire competent and qualified professionals for your child’s safety and quality education.
At Jack and Jill's Daycare, we understand the value of highly trained, professional staff. Hence, we screen and hire competent child care professionals who support our philosophy and programs.
Our Employees:
  • Meet the requirements for certification as child care providers in a group setting as mandated by MSDE

  • Receive on-going in-service training and staff development through staff meetings, early childhood conferences, workshops and outside continuing education seminars held throughout the year

  • Are trained in pediatric CPR, first aid, and bloodborne pathogens

  • Are trained in emergency preparedness

  • Are trained in medication administration

  • Must provide a criminal history record/ background checks (FBI & State) in order to be cleared through licensing

Our staff members are our greatest assets. Without them, our center’s measured success would not be possible. Rest assured that with our staff’s expertise and dedication, your child will always be in loving, caring, and responsible hands.

For more information, feel free to contact us at your convince.

Our Staff

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Monnica Wells


As the Director of Jack and Jill's Daycare, Mrs. Wells is responsible for ensuring that the facility & staff are compliant with current state regulations. She oversees the direction and daily operations of her staff and develops a curriculum that allows all children to learn according to their own pace & retention style. Mrs. Wells ensures that staff is adequately trained and certified by planning and arranging training and in-services for preschool/childcare staff while she continues her education to maintain and improve her role as the director.

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Alicia Rodgriez

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Carla Adams

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Sally Miller

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